Our company CEEMED s.r.o. based in Prague is a pharmaceutically focused company with a long tradition. We focus on providing comprehensive sales and marketing services in the pharmaceutical industry with operations mainly in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Our main activities include representation of multinational pharmaceutical companies producing laboratory diagnostics, medical devices and equipment. Providing all services for our customers who purchase products of the companies we represent. We also provide consulting services, market research, registration and pre-sale notification services for medical devices, equipment and pharmaceutical products and many other activities related to the distribution and sale of pharmaceutical products.

We provide highly specialized and comprehensive services, on time and wherever needed. We can offer each of our partners the most appropriate service package, designed to meet their specific needs. We can offer our clients expertise and know-how in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as excellent orientation, experience and local market knowledge.

Last but not least, we focus on introducing and commissioning new technologies, innovations and creative solutions in the healthcare sector.